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IWC Aquatimer Replica

What is the importance of end clients coming here?

The story and design are what make a brand special. You can also see the passion and dedication that went into each and every IWC Aquatimer Replica watch when you visit the factory.

What is more important than new watches, but also the watches that you have sold in the past?

The opening of the Heritage department was one of the most important steps. This department allows us to service and restore any IWC Aquatimer Replica from 1868. To be a genuine manufacturer and luxury watch brand,Replica Watches it is essential to protect and preserve all watches that have ever left your factory. This includes the ability to authenticate watches and return them to customers with both an extract of thearchiveand a guarantee for reliability.

We as an industry are constantly communicating that mechanical watches should not be worn for one lifetime but can be passed on to future generations. It is our responsibility as an industry to make this possible. We do our best to service watches of all eras. Kurt Klaus, IWC Aquatimer Replica's watchmaker, and David Seyffer, our museum curator, travel the globe with unique museum pieces that tell the stories of our brand.

You were the first Richemont Group brand, and perhaps the first luxury watch brand to go online via E-Commerce. What was the goal?

This was viewed from the customer's perspective and we decided to make use of all channels and offer as many touchpoints as possible. There were only two to three distribution channels in the past.Patek Philippe Replica There are many distribution channels today, and they are constantly expanding. Our job is make each customer's experience the best. Our clients should be able to contact us at any time and in any manner they like.

It's not as easy as just browsing a brand online and then clicking to purchase a watch. It's not fashion. People don't buy eight watches to try and return seven. It doesn't matter if the final purchase decision is made after a four hour conversation at multi-brand retailers or while sitting on a plane and looking at the website online via your mobile phone, I don’t mind. The clients will make that decision. It's all about providing customers with as many options as possible.

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