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IWC Big Pilot Replica

What have the results been like?

Our E-Commerce activities have been extremely successful so far. I believe our online presence compliments our offline presence. It is difficult to determine the attribution model, which will allow us to see how many offline purchases were influenced or not by multiple online experiences. We do know that more channels have a positive impact on the overall business.

Do you think this makes you less attractive to women's watches than you were?

This perception is dependent on the market. We have offered ladies' watches throughout our 150-year history. The exception was for three to four years. That is, I think, a very small window. Ladies' watches are an important part of the market, and they are growing in our business.

Are women more likely to buy your men's watches than your women's?

It's two different markets. Some women prefer to have a large man's watch while others choose smaller watches with jewellery or quartz. We are unable to track how many men's watches are worn by women. However, we will let customers choose the style they prefer.

Portofino pictured with a female model on the IWC Big Pilot Replica e-commerce site

How can you reach the next generation IWC Big Pilot Replica enthusiasts?

Our customer base is young, which has been a good thing. Our brand is one that younger generations will look up to as their first milestone watch. This has been a stable position over the past few years. The way we tell our story through all the media channels is changing. In 2006, the Pilot's Watch Launch Movie was just 11 minutes long. It was sent to us via postal mail. Things are very different today. We need to continue innovating on communication to remain relevant.Franck Muller Replica Watches The good news? The brand is still very popular with the younger generation. A whole bunch of children aged 8-12 years were fascinated by the 150-year-old pocket watch that Kurt Klaus and his team had restored at the Heritage Centre.

What's the value of brand ambassadors?

Aspirational lifestyles have been synonymous with luxury goods. This is a characteristic of the industry. IWC Big Pilot Replica is fortunate to have ambassadors who are genuinely interested in the brand. Bradley Cooper, for example, had worn the IWC Big Pilot Replica Big Pilot for many years before becoming our ambassador.

Bradley Cooper named IWC Big Pilot Replica brand ambassador at SIHH 2018.

Are you unnerved at the success of the Apple watch?

Smart watches are not a problem. There are two distinct categories.Rolex Air King Replica One product requires frequent updates, while the other does not allow for much self-expression. On the other hand, a mechanical microcomputer is a work-of-art and has a high symbolic value. Smart watches, which look more like wearable devices, have a different buying motivation than traditional watches. I was pleasantly surprised to find that many Silicon Valley chief executives wore high-end mechanical watches to a conference.

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