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IWC Portuguese Replica

Drone shot of IWC Portuguese Replica's vast grounds

Which was the biggest challenge during the design process?

Every large-scale project has its challenges. But as long as everyone is working towards the same goal, they can all be overcome. When you look at a manufacturing facility like this, you will see all the technology involved in power generation and regeneration, air-handling, controlled dust, and hyperbaric conditions.IWC Portuguese Replica It would seem impossible to plan and execute complex buildings without technical problems. The important thing is that we came out on the other side and everything works as it should.

IWC Portuguese Replica is changing the game with this new manufacturing process.

Our huge clean room allows us to have great flexibility in assembly. Watch manufacturing is a problem because you have to constantly try and fit processes together for special constraints.Patek Philippe replica watches You might say that you have this space and can fit 12 people in it. So, who should you put there? This is the wrong way to go. You want to state that I need this function. Then you can build up and optimize the space around it. And now with 1,100 square meters and almost allopen-plan with very few columns, wehavesuchflexibility.

We have actually reconfigured the building a few times since our opening. We have the luxury of creating the most efficient and intuitive work environment. This has many benefits, including quality and the experience of our craftsmen. We are currently assembling the 150th anniversary Portugieser Chronograph in one place for this year's launch. This will give us insight into how to improve the setup. It is a learning space that can be remodelled as we require and this is a totally different model from that of a traditionalmanufacture

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