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Wei Koh, the founder of Revolution, spoke with Christoph Grainger Herr, CEO of IWC Replica Watches in August about the importance of e-commerce as well as the role of the female consumer in IWC Replica Watches's new factory.

Bruce McLaren's unique skills helped him to inscribe his name into the automotive racing history. He was an engineer, designer, and car analyst who excelled at both racer and design. Chris Grainger Herr, a luxury watchmaker, is also unique in that he has managed to simultaneously serve as CEO and lead architect for the brand's manufacture. These are just a few of the many clues that Hishobbies provide about how he balances them.

Grainger-Herr is a veteran of military ski touring and alpine trailrunning. For someone who can ride on a flat road on foot or by bike, nothing fills me more with fear than an abrupt incline that leads to higher elevation. This was what I felt for a seemingly endless time when Georges Kern, Grainger Herr's predecessor,IWC Replica Watches invited me to join him on a 2000-kilometre bike race aptly called Tortour. I was so tempted to ride off the side of the mountain. These types of challenges require discipline, perseverance and an extraordinary mental focus.

Christoph Grainger-Herr, IWC Replica Watches CEO

It was with this understanding, with this insight into an otherwise, unfailingly polite, unfailingly polite, man with a great work ethic that I sat down with him to discuss his super manufacturing, which makes use of every advantage of modern technology in order to create not only a better watch, but also a betterwatchmaker.

What does it feel like to see your building open its doors?

This is the largest and most complex building that I have designed as a freestanding structure. It is also the most important to me. This is where the magic happens. It is also the epicentre and home of all our watchmaking.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches It was very emotional to see the 240 people who will be occupying this building enter it for the first time.

This is something that anyone who is creative can relate too. It all starts as a dream. Then, one day, it becomes a reality. This is how I felt for many years at SIHH. (Grainger-Herr also designs booths there). The first step is to ask yourself "Can I do it?" Once you answer that question, all planning and project management begins. When it's done, others might feel that it was always this way. But you know it wasn't. There will be many more changes even after it's finished.

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